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Release notes for Ant 1.10.13
Changes from Ant 1.10.12 TO Ant 1.10.13

Changes that could break older environments:

 * <get> has a new attribute authenticateOnRedirect that can be used to
   prevent Ant from sending the configured credentials when following a
   redirect. It is false by default, which means builds that rely on
   credentials being used on the redirected URI may break.
   Github Pull Request #173

Fixed bugs:

 * the PropertyEnumerator change introduced in 1.10.9 proved to be not
   fully backwards compatible when combined with certain custom
   PropertyHelper implementations - for example when using AntXtras.
   Bugzilla Report 65799

 * legacy-xml reporter of the junitlauncher task now escapes ]]> when writing CDATA.
   Bugzilla Report 65833

 * <scp> may leak connections when trying to preserve the last modified
   timestamps of files transferred recursively from a server.
   Bugzilla Report 66001

 * tstamp task would in certain cases parse the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable
   value to an incorrect date. This has now been fixed.
   Github Pull Request #186

 * fetch.xml didn't set up non-default repositories propery and thus
   failed to download JAI.
   Github Pull Request #191

 * When building and installing Ant distribution from source, the build script
   would change permissions on unrelated files in the destination directory.
   This is now fixed and such unrelated files in the destination directory
   will be left untouched.
   Bugzilla Report 66164

 * parsing tar entries with multiple NUL bytes in their name would
   include garbage bytes as the name included all bytes up to the last
   NUL rather than the first.
   Github Pull Request #194

 * loadresource might log warnings even though quiet was set to true
   Bugzilla Report 65647

 * javac task would add paths constructs containing wildcards to the
   internally created argument file where wildcards are not allowed
   Bugzilla Report 65621

Other changes:

 * added an implementation of the MIME Mail sender based on the
   repackaged Jakarta Mail package rather than javax Mail.
   Github Pull Request #161

 * The "listener" element in the junitlauncher task now supports
   an "extension" attribute to control the filename extension
   of the generated output file from the listener.
   Github Pull Request #168

 * <ftp> now supports FTPs.
   Github Pull Request #170

 * DirectoryScanner avoids listing directory contents when it known it
   will never use the information retrieved. This may improve
   performance in some special cases.
   Bugzilla Report 66048

 * <manifest> will now create the parent directory of the manifestFile
   attribute if it doesn't exist.
   Bugzilla Report 66231

 * now has a new method getMessageOutputLevel()
   which returns the currently set message output level.