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What is TreePad?
Files contained in this package
Differences between 'TreePad Lite' and 'TreePad Asia'
Freeware licence
Automatic install
Manual install
Using TreePad
TreePad home page
exe-eBook Creator
TreePad Viewer
TreePad PLUS: more features!
TreePad SAFE: password protection
TreePad Business Edition: yet more features
TreePad X Enterprise: 384 Gigabyte databases
TreePad X Enterprise Server: Multi-User Organizer
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What is TreePad?
TreePad is a freeware personal database program, a powerful information organizer, PIM and outline text editor. It is ideal for storing notes, emails, URLs. It features extended search, edit, export and import options. It runs on Windows XP, 7, Vista, 200x, NT, 9x and all current 64 bit Windows editions.

Files contained in this package
* Treepad.exe (the program itself)
* manual.hjt (the full TreePad Lite manual in TreePad format)
* quickstartguide.html (a quick introduction to get you started with TreePad)
* readme.html (this file)
* description.txt (a short description of the program)
* fileformat.txt (explaining the TreePad file format)
* install.exe (the installation program, automatic install is optional)
* install.script (the script for the installation program)
* uninstall.script (the script for the uninstaller)
* uninstall._xe (the uninstaller)

Differences between 'TreePad Lite' and 'TreePad Asia'
Both programs are freeware and almost identical. The main difference is that 'TreePad Asia' is optimized for non-western fonts and 'TreePad Lite' is not. Using 'menu/view/non-western character mode' in TreePad Asia, one can select different character modes (IME), like Hiragana, Katakana. TreePad Lite does not have this feature.

Freeware license
You can use the freeware versions of TreePad privately or commercially without any limitations. You can distribute TreePad data files without any limitations. TreePad may be copied freely under the following conditions: (1) The zip file (or self-installing exe file), this program and any of the accompanying files may not be changed. (2) The zip file (or self-installing exe file) can be distributed, but it must be clear that it is distributed as freeware or shareware.

Automatic install
Simply run install.exe and follow the instructions on your screen

Manual install
Unzip all the files into one directory. That's all! No dll's or other complicated files to be installed! After this you can run TreePad by double clicking on the Treepad.exe file.

Using TreePad
Most users will not need the manual to start using TreePad, because the program is very easy to use. However, to learn about some advanced features, like hyperlinks, the manual might prove useful.
There are two manuals available. Manual.txt is a concise version, it only explains the basics. Manual.hjt contains the complete manual, and can be opened only in TreePad itself.

TreePad homepage
You can find the TreePad homepage at

exe-eBook Creator
A freeware ebook compiler for TreePad files. It enables you to create an executable (program) from a TreePad .tpd or .hjt file. This single "exe-file" contains the TreePad database as well as the TreePad Viewer program. The advantage of an exe-eBook is that it can be distributed royalty-free as a single file, since both data and viewer program are contained inside the program. Furthermore, a TreePad exe-eBook runs directly without installing anything!

TreePad Viewer
A freeware program to read TreePad Lite, TreePad PLUS, TreePad SAFE and TreePad Business Edition files, password protected files, including images, hyperlinks, tree icons, text formatting, search, zoom, etc.
Allows royalty free distribution of your TreePad files.

TreePad PLUS: more features!
Want more features? ... Try TreePad PLUS ! It supports full WYSIWYG Rich Text editing, bullets, tables, indents, colors, extended HTML export/import, advanced search, blue and underlined hyperlinks, images, custom tree icons, disk catalogs, export to Web site including all types of hyperlinks, history-back, history-forward, article-zoom, a powerful options screen, etc. etc.
You can find TreePad PLUS at
TreePad PLUS is shareware.

TreePad SAFE: password protection
Offers all features found in TreePad PLUS, in addition to state-of-the-art encryption and password protection. You can find TreePad SAFE at
TreePad SAFE is shareware.

TreePad Business Edition
Offers all features found in TreePad PLUS, in addition to state-of-the-art encryption and password protection, Website generation with dynamic tree, spell-check in 20 languages, thesaurus, auto-dial, full-screen presentation mode. You can find TreePad Business Edition at
TreePad Business Edition is shareware.

TreePad X Enterprise (single-user)
TreePad™ X Enterprise (single-user) represents the 'next generation' Personal Database, Word Processor and Organizer with the unique ability to access, edit, store and search databases of up to 384 Gigabytes (or 12 Gigabytes, depending on the version). Additionally, you can open up to eight databases simultaneously. TreePad X Enterprise has been redesigned from the ground up using the most advanced database technology for maximum performance and reliability. TreePad X Enterprise (single-user) can be found on

TreePad X Enterprise Server (multi-user)
TreePad X Enterprise Server is a powerful multi-user Organizer, Database, Word Processor, Documentation system, Intranet replacement system and Search Engine. Despite its versatility it is as easy to use as a standard Word Processor. Enable your employees to instantly browse, search, retrieve and publish documents, texts, hyperlinks and images! Using TreePad X Enterprise Server, publishing and retrieving a document is just as easy as typing a letter in your favorite Word Processor.
Moreover, TreePad X Enterprise allows you to access up to eight databases simultaneously from each connected workstation and supports databases of 384 Gigabytes (128 Gb text, 128 Gb images and 128 Gb binary data).
The home page of TreePad X Enterprise Server is:

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Almere, the Netherlands